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How to Wear a Pendant Necklace for the Perfect Accent

by Drew Dagan

Learning how to wear a pendant necklace could quite possibly be one of the most versatile tricks for any woman looking to add immediate polish to an outfit. A pendant necklace—generally any necklace that hangs long, falling at chest-level or lower—is one of the true workhorses in any jewelry collection. Whether dressing for the workday or the weekend, a pendant necklace is an incredibly easy way to step up your look.

Types of Pendant Necklaces

There are several types of pendant necklaces out there. Whichever style you choose is up to your personal taste; there’s no wrong answer. Variations may include:

  • Medallions. Round, coin-like charms
  • Lockets. Medallions that open at a hinge
  • Lariats. Necklaces that loop around themselves
  • Y-necklaces. Defined by an upside-down Y shape
  • Multi-layered. More than one medallion or pendant on one chain

blonde woman in long circle gold and pink pendant necklace

When to Wear Them

A pendant is a great tool to gussy up any ensemble that’s looking for a little bit of elegance, whereas, for example, a statement necklace becomes just that—a statement. You can wear them during the day at work, with a suit or shift dress, or on the weekends with a button-up blouse and jeans. Pendant necklaces instantly add a touch of refinement and are appropriate at all events, from a board meeting to a social gathering. Plus, you can wear them year-round.

blonde woman in rose gold Y-necklace with rose quartz and pearls

The Best Pairings

A long line is the goal for pendant necklaces. Think of long lines as an instant way to look put together, taller, and more confident. Blouses and dresses with a V-neck—that includes button-ups—are the perfect way to frame a pendant necklace, but they’re not the only option. Blazers with long lapels also make a great canvas for pendant necklaces. Crew-neck, halter, and round necklines also work well.

The only necklines to avoid with pendant necklaces are boat-neck or off-the-shoulder necklines, as the contrast feels too stark. In this instance, a pendant necklace would cut the neckline in half. (Boat-neck and off-the-shoulder necklines are ideal for highlighting earrings, though.)

woman in silver multi-chain convertible swarovski crystal necklace with two pendants

The bottom line is that pendant necklaces are great for creating a sophisticated, long-line silhouette at any time of day or for any event. With these quick tips on how to wear a pendant necklace, you’ll be able to conquer the look and incorporate them into your wardrobe with ease.

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